Retail Solutions - Sainsbury's smoothes supply with Web engine

Sainsbury's is continuing to streamline its supply chain operations, with the use of a rules-based Web engine that manages haulier and supplier contacts for factory gate pricing.

The system, PDF Emptorius, is based on the Business Edge application from Progress Software, supplied by Consultium.

It replaces the mishmash of spreadsheets and faxes that had been used to manage the complex pricing agreements at the heart of the factory gate pricing development. It will allow complex transactions to be built and presented in a browser so each user gets the same up-to-date view of the data.

About 700 suppliers and 50 haulage companies are accessing the system, to check on product movements and requirements. Some 40 staff in Sainsbury's supply chain and finance departments also have access to the system.

PDF Emptorius can be used to track product movements and log financial transactions for each movement as appropriate to the specific agreements with suppliers and hauliers.

Sainsbury's supply chain development director Andy Banks said benefits include improved data integrity and reduced administration.

He added: 'Accurate data and supply chain visibility has reduced the time spent on problem resolution, freeing up management time and improving the performance of the primary distribution network.'

- Progress Software will be exhibiting on stand K24 at Retail Solutions 2003.