Retail Solutions - PC World picks Virtue for staff intranet briefing

PC World is to use Webcasts in the run-up to the important Christmas sales period, as a cost-effective and quick method of communicating with its staff.

The company wants to take full advantage of this emerging technology, which is a radical departure from its previous system. The retailer previously used regional road shows to brief staff in its 127 stores on the strategic direction of the business and the latest product developments.

However, a solution from Virtue Corporate Services will enable PC World to use its intranet to communicate with its staff at a vastly reduced cost, thanks to a more efficient use of management resources.

PC World head of communications Dave Baker said: 'Webcasting is an ideal solution for internal briefings. With a dispersed workforce in 127 stores, it is vital that we maintain the visibility of management among our staff. Virtue has provided us with the ideal solution to make this happen.'

Virtue is also working with PC World to review and upgrade its intranet and internal infrastructure to improve its capabilities for online communications in the future.