Retail Solutions - Metro eyes single Euro data store

German giant, Metro - Europe's third biggest trading group - is to build a pan-European data warehouse to provide a single information source for its operations, which include the Metro and Makro supermarket chains, Kaufhof department stores and Praktiker DIY outlets.

The company has just completed roll-out of a 2TB data warehouse for its Hungarian cash-and-carry operation, which will act as a pilot for the proposed pan-European model. The new warehouse collects data from checkouts and integrates this with product assortment information to assess range and purchasing behaviour of shoppers.

'Our international data warehousing concept, based on Teradata, is one of the main pillars of our corporate strategy,' says Metro director of IT Silvester Macho. 'It will help us achieve our goal of long term and increased value through targeted customer relationship management and assortment management.'

Metro has operations in 26 countries; it began data warehousing in the mid-1990s and is already the largest data warehouse user in Europe.

Teradata has just announced the release of its latest customer relationship management application, which can now collate customer interactions across multiple visits.