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    Lovehoney (Strategy)

    Lovehoney is a UK-based pureplayer but is also growing rapidly overseas. It is owned by Telemos Capital since 2018 and merged with the WOW Tech Group in 2021. Own brand products are a focus and the company also has wholesale partnerships with retailers including Boots.

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    Ecommerce at Lovehoney

    With 80% of traffic now coming from mobile, Lovehoney replatformed on Salesforce with Amplience content integration from late 2020 to provide a “modern, agile and mobile-first platform designed with customer experience at its heart”. The project was overseen by Astound Commerce.  

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    Technology strategy at Lovehoney

    Most systems were originally built in-house and have evolved as the business has grown. As it continues to develop, technology is playing a key role of offering a slick and efficient service for customers, and ultimately delivering further sales growth. Investment priorities include developing its UK and international websites, mobile, loyalty and customer experience.

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    Supply chain at Lovehoney

    Lovehoney operates a warehouse at its head office in Bath. It also has local distribution centres in the US and Australia, with additional overseas warehouses now being mooted. Most supply chain systems have been built in-house.

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    Customer and marketing at Lovehoney

    Lovehoney aims to take the sleaze out of marketing campaigns for sex toys and often has a tongue-in-cheek, humorous messaging style. It is split fairly evenly in terms of gender, with most customers in long term relationships. Around 40% of customers are within the millennial age bracket.