Arcadia tycoon Sir Philip Green faced fresh allegations over the weekend about sexual harassment, racism and bullying behaviour.

The latest allegations prompted an MP to demand that the police investigate the claims against the Topshop boss, who has maintained that he has not engaged in any unlawful behaviour.

The Telegraph, which was embroiled in a legal row about publication of the allegations until proceedings by Green and Arcadia were formally dropped, made a raft of claims over the weekend.

The newspaper alleged yesterday that witness testimonies were left out of a report on the behaviour of Green.

It said that two male executives told a lawyer they had seen Green ‘slap’ a woman’s bottom on more than one occasion but their comments were not included in a final report on the allegations.

Green was also alleged to have told a black employee that his “problem” was that he was “still throwing spears in the jungle”.

MP Peter Kyle has written to the Metropolitan Police asking it to investigate claims against Green.

He wrote: “It is clear that some of his behaviour warrants criminal investigation.”

The letter went on: “Sir Philip Green is accused of monstrous acts which must have inflicted unimaginable fear into his subordinates, particularly women and people belonging to minority groups, who seem to have attracted the most vicious of his alleged attacks.”

On Friday, before the weekend’s stories and as action against The Telegraph was dropped, Green and the Arcadia board said in a statement: “The Telegraph has pursued a vendetta against Sir Philip Green and the employees and management of Arcadia Group for the past nine months, harassing many of its staff and their families in their homes, often at night and at weekends.

“The Telegraph and its owners must now decide whether to do the decent thing and respect the NDAs. If not they will expose their sources to potential further legal actions and significant losses. Their fate is now in the Telegraph’s hands.”