Consumer confidence in Christmas savings schemes has begun to return slowly, as The Park Group reported orders for Christmas 2008 up 17 per cent.

In the year to March 31, revenue for the group fell to£225.1 million from£305.2 million the previous year. Earnings per share rose 10.5 per cent to 2.85p for the period.

Park Group chairman Peter Johnson said: “Our experience this year demonstrates that there are opportunities to expand our businesses organically and that customers value our products and services. The saving concept is still very strong and during periods of economic uncertainty and inflationary pressures, our company provides an easy and convenient solution to help families plan for Christmas and avoid debt at an expensive time of year.”

The group’s online voucher shop,, has more than doubled year on year and has reached sales of£2.3 million.

The group was affected severely by the collapse of its competitor, Farepak, in 2006.

Last month, John Dembitz joined the Park Group board as a non-executive director.