We’re in a multichannel world and customers are more demanding than ever.

We’re in a multichannel world and customers are more demanding than ever. The challenge for retailers, to achieve the agility and speed of response needed to deliver on the ‘Zero Disappointment Retailing’ promise, is having complete visibility of products from source to consumption and across a growing number of retail channels.

Having end-to-end supply chain visibility enables stock management and distribution processes to be optimised, which in turn accelerates goods flows, allows stock to be deployed to locations and channels where demand is high, enables accurate feedback to be provided to customers where fulfilment might not meet expectations, and means orders can be fulfilled profitably.

It sounds easy. But as we frequently see, retailers are struggling to do all of this well consistently.

Today’s shoppers don’t turn into customers – or stay customers – unless you can create a positive experience with every interaction. The good news is that smart supply chains – that we’re helping create with our customers both in the UK and across the globe – can cement sales and lock in loyalty by upholding the three rules that create Zero Disappointment customer experiences: (1) Keep customers happy, anytime, anywhere by presenting one brand, one experience, across multiple touches; (2) Transform every retail channel or outlet into a ‘promises kept’ experience by gaining real-time insight to make promises you can keep; and (3) Execute ‘convenience fulfilment’ on their terms, not yours, so that you can deliver what, when, where and how the customer wants.

We recognise that this simple concept is a complicated one to deliver. So we offer an affordable, quick path to ‘Zero Disappointment Retail’. Our Zero Disappointment Retail approach to retail supply chain management preserves your current systems and investments by providing technology that seamlessly aggregates inventory, order, pricing, promotion, merchandising and execution information across all sales channels.

And whether you’re in department store, discount, fashion and footwear, grocery or speciality retailing, we have a tailored solution to meet your specific business challenges and objectives.

  • Craig Sears-Black, Managing director, Manhattan Associates UK