Aurora Fashions is focusing on offering customers more accuracy in online delivery times to help propel its multichannel growth and will launch 60 minute delivery windows next year.

The retailer, which operates the Oasis, Warehouse and Coast chains, has been an early-adopter of speedy delivery, offering 90 minute delivery with fulfilment firm Shutl.

However group omnichannel director Ishan Patel told the Retail Week Ecommerce Summit this morning that predictability was its key focus on the year ahead.

He said: “Going forward it’s not about choice or speed [of delivery], it’s about predictability. We all have busy lives and the last thing we need is to go to some pick-up centre.  It could be 60 minutes from now, or 60 minutes next Monday because that’s when you know you’ll be home.”

The fashion group is also set to launch wifi in store, a move Patel said had been made easier following Aurora’s introduction of iPads in-store which act as mobile POS devices. The wifi service will debut in 20 stores from next week.

However Patel questioned whether it would have an impact on sales.

He said: “Our stores are probably smaller than those in which it makes a difference. It’s department stores where it’s big enough to get transient, dwell time.”

Patel however emphasised the benefits that introducing iPads into store had brought and said not only were they 25% cheaper than fixed tills but they had “empowered staff” by giving them more knowledge about product.