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Pandemic, pressure and the new digital experience Watch on demand

Panellists include:

  • Julie Austin, marketing and digital director, Bravissimo
  • Shehnaaz Chenia, ecommerce director EMEA DTC, Lego
  • Renee Harwood-Souza, industry principal for retail, RingCentral

The coronavirus pandemic has placed unprecedented pressure on the entire retail ecosystem.

Non-essential retail stores have shuttered, in some cases so have their online businesses too, while grocery retailers have been inundated in stores and struggled to keep up online, while supply chains have been stretched to near breaking point. 

The industry is well versed in change, however, and retailers have rapidly sought to pivot their business models towards digital. Transformation is normally years in planning, but this has had to happen in mere weeks. So what does, and should, the new digital experience look like?

At this RWRC virtual event to find out how businesses are planning for the new digital experience. Joining the discussion were Bravissimo marketing and digital director Julie Austin; Lego ecommerce director EMEA DTC Shehnaaz Chenia; and RingCentral industry principal for retail Renee Harwood-Souza. 

The RWRC and RingCentral virtual event discussed:

  • How retail has adjusted and who the winners and losers have been

  • What the new digital experience means for customer service and operations

  • The different strategies required for legacy versus pureplay retailers

  • Why social media must become central to digital strategy

This event took place on July 2.