NAAFI prepares for conflict with openings in Gulf

NAAFI, the Forces' retail favourite, has opened 10 stores in the Gulf so that British troops can get hold of cigarettes, chocolate and other essentials not easily found in the desert.

The 10 shops, known as EFIs (Expeditionary Force Institutes) operate from tents on Allied bases and open between 8am and 8pm, offering the 20,000 British soldiers in the Gulf items such as razors, phone cards and sun cream. The stores are restocked at night and there are bulk-issue shops for rapid response to requirements.

A spokeswoman said the retailer is well prepared logistically after learning lessons in the last Gulf War.

She said: 'We were ready to go prior to the arrival of British Forces in the Gulf. The stock items are more focused on the requirements of the Forces in the region than last time.'