MVC launches home delivery

Woolworths-owned entertainment retailer MVC is to introduce a home delivery service from its 85 stores, giving customers access to an additional 120,000 back-catalogue products.

MVC will launch the service next month, and customers will be able to decide whether they want product delivered to a local store or to their home. If they choose the latter, there will a delivery charge, which is yet to be finalised, but likely to be between£1 and£2.

MVC managing director Richard Izard said: 'It's about strengthening our customer proposition. If a customer can't get hold of a product in store, we can get it for them.' MVC will deliver products to shoppers' homes within 48 hours.

MVC and parent Woolworths also plan to launch a music digital download service on their Web sites. Izard said that following a trial, Woolworths is in discussions with record companies to see how it can offer a service.

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