Moss Bros ads to promote relaunches

Moss Bros will relaunch its Moss and Cecil Gee fascias in the next few weeks with two print advertising campaigns.

Cecil Gee will mount its first advertising campaign for more than five years, and has bought space in men's mags such as GQ, Arena and FHM.

Head of marketing Andrew Barclay said cutting-edge brands such as StyleLab and Rare have been introduced in stores and it is time for shoppers to look again at Cecil Gee.

'We are trying to take it to a slightly different level and get people to reappraise what Cecil Gee is about,' he said.

An advertising campaign for Moss, the group's suit hire and formalwear chain, will run in newspapers including the Guardian, Evening Standard, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, built around the theme, 'Never underestimate the power of a good suit'.

Barclay said the drive was designed to establish Moss as a fine tailoring retail brand.