O2 has flexed its ‘Be More Dog’ muscle once again, this time with a focus on its O2 Priority app.

O2 did a fine job in 2013 of embedding its ‘Be More Dog’ tagline into the public consciousness. Now the mobile phone operator is using the popular campaign to push its O2 Priority app. O2 has effectively built on a catchy concept to create a whole Be More Dog world. But will it be enough to encourage consumers through its retail doors?  

Up against mascots such as Kevin Bacon and a dancing pony for EE and Three respectively, O2 fought back with its Be More Dog campaign, which encourages consumers to ditch the lethargic, disinterested ways of cats and be as bold and excitable as dogs.  

In this latest TV ad, directed by Smith and Jones Films’ Ulf Johansson, the now-familiar ‘more dog’ cat appears as a motivational speaker before an auditorium of people, encouraging them to stop living a jaded, lazy life and to “start living” by downloading the revamped O2 priority app, giving them access to offers, experiences and tickets.

The £7m campaign, which launched on May 17, includes TV, digital out of home, mobile, radio and social advertising.

Whether or not consumers are tiring of the campaign theme, the focus on the app refreshingly highlights the added value that O2 can offer its loyal customers while also asserting that it is in touch with how its customers are consuming content – namely on their mobile devices.

O2 is also using innovative marketing methods such as geo-located mobile adverts and homepage takeovers on sites including MSN and YouTube. And at Euston Station a complete O2 Priority app takeover is running for five weeks.  

O2 Be More Dog ad

It’s a continuation of a memorable ad that shows the full extent of what O2 offers, such as partnerships with numerous leisure vendors. Although this campaign engages consumers online, what about turning the spotlight on its own O2 stores? Perhaps that will be the next installment.