Ann Summers’ hilariously raunchy ‘Christmas for Grown Ups’ advert was a welcome relief during December’s barrage of festive sentimentality, but Valentine’s Day might be an even better opportunity for the retailer to capitalise on the surge in interest in saucy products following last year’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ phenomenon.

The latest ad, which launched last night, begins with the sound of a thumping heartbeat and a model wearing the de rigueur Ann Summers red and black lingerie. A voiceover then reads a poem on how love can “change your life forever” as the ad cuts to a black and white romantic image of a happy couple.

The voiceover then talks of the connection between love and lust and that it hits us all, “the chic and the geek, the virgin and the vixen”, which cues some tongue-in-cheek, yet saucy electronic music. The ad then cuts back to the model as the voiceover explains that “love will set you free as it ties you in knots”.

As has become customary for Ann Summers adverts, this one, which showcases the brand’s lingerie and corsets, is rather suggestive, and thus it airs past the watershed. However, it is unlikely to amass enough complaints for Advertising Standards Authority to worry about.

The ad’s creative may be a bit tacky, but it does strive to be more thought-provoking than raunchy, unlike its festive predecessor, and was even acceptable enough to be projected onto the side of The National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday (February 6)

Ending with the strapline ‘but even love needs a little help’, Ann Summers will be hoping the flamboyent execution of the ‘Love or Lust’ ad will inspire its target market to spice things up this Valentines.


Ann Summers' new Valentines ad campaign