JJB attacked by Burma Campaign

JJB Sport is under fire from Burma campaigners, who claim it has reneged on a promise to stop selling product sourced from the troubled country.

The Burma Campaign UK is mobilising supporters after it claimed to have found stock labelled 'made in Burma (Myanmar)' in stores.

Campaigners will launch an Internet campaign on Monday urging customers to boycott JJB and email head office unless the retailer provides a written assurance that suppliers have been ordered to stop Burmese sourcing.

JJB chief executive Tom Knight said he was not aware that JJB carried product from Burma and the retailer 'would not encourage' suppliers to source from there, adding he would contact suppliers about the matter.

He explained that JJB 'did not source from Burma, but used companies that source in the Far East.'

Retailers including Next, Asda and H&M have a policy of not sourcing from Burma.