Alibaba UK boss Amee Chande said the speed of the Chinese market required agility from retailers, but also offer opportunity.

The etail giant’s UK managing director, Amee Chande, said in her seven months in the role, she had been to China every three weeks to keep pace with “the astounding pace of change” in the market.

Amee Chande on agility, at Retail Week Live

“It’s been the longest induction I’ve ever had in my life and I still feel like I’m learning,” said Chande, speaking at Retail Week Live.

The UK boss of the online marketplace stressed that this pace of change required agility from Alibaba and its retail partners, but also offered “incredible opportunity”.

Chande said: “The Chinese market currently has a quarter of the retail infrastructure per capita than the US, so the region is fundamentally starting from a different place than we are in the West.”

Chande said this focus on ecommerce cut out the “retail drag” for retailers that wanted to expand into the Chinese market.

Alibaba sells products from retailers including Marks & Spencer and New Look through its various platforms and Chande emphasised that the etail marketplace wanted to extend its infrastructure to help retailers sell into China.

She said: “The key message I want retailers and brands to take away is that you are in control.

“What Alibaba offers is a platform to access and build your consumer base in China and around the world.”