Dutch retail giant Ahold’s US business has launched a free magazine and digital platform it claims will be a ‘game changer’.

The initiative is called ‘Savory – Fast, Fresh and Easy’ and is designed to help shoppers create more fresh and healthy meals, according to Supermarket News.

Ahold USA’s marketing boss Jan van Dam claimed during a presentation in Chicago that Savory will be “game-changing for Ahold” because it will “deliver something the channel has not seen before”.

He added “it’s virtual meets physical… we believe we can make this as big as we want to make it”.

The magazine’s format is based on Allerhande, the magazine Ahold-owned retailer Albert Heijn has been publishing in the Netherlands for more than 30 years.

The magazine launched on Sunday June 14 and is available in-store, online and via smartphone and tablet devices.

Three further issues will be released this year in August, October and November, while six are planned for next year.

The first issue is a 120-page full-colour publication including recipes for summer meals and regular features will include meals for those on a budget and meals that only take 15 minutes to prepare.

Ahold also plans to launch a cooking app to allow users to watch as many as 48 videos per issue.