International News - Mango to invest £11.9m to open 100 stores and improve logistics

Spanish fashion retailer Mango is to invest EUR18 million (£11.9 million) in store openings this year.

The group expects to open 100 shops, half of which will be franchised and the rest company-owned.

Approximately a third of the cash will be spent on enhancement of the IT and logistics infrastructure, and the remaining EUR12 million (£7.9 million) on stores. Mango now has 625 shops in 70 countries, including 200 in Spain.

Openings this year will target Europe and Asia, and Mango is searching for more franchise partners in the UK, where it has 13 stores.

Mango expects its UK openings this year to increase following the establishment of a draft contract that takes high UK rents into consideration.

The agreement includes the spread of initial franchisee charges over the first four years.

Mango estimates that sales last year reached almost EUR1 billion (£661.3 million).