International News - DIY giants launch wedding lists

North American DIY retailers are targeting newlyweds by offering gift list services.

Home Depot, the world's biggest home enhancement specialist, and Canadian Tire have both launched gift registries in recent weeks.

Following the example set by traditional department stores, the two chains have installed systems that enable engaged couples, or anyone celebrating any occasion, to choose the tools, equipment and supplies they want to be given. Friends and guests purchase the pre-selected items.

Home Depot is only offer-ing the service via its Web site,, to customers who are resident in the 48 mainland states of the US.

Canadian Tire is offering its service both online at, and at its 345 stores across the country.

Both sites are touting the fact that anyone anywhere in the world with a credit card and an Internet connection can purchase gifts, and have them shipped to couples in their respective countries.

Home Depot said registries were an obvious area to exploit.