The UO app from fashion retailer Urban Outfitters aims to keep the company connected to teenage consumers and build the brand’s relevance to changing lifestyles. 

Urban Outfitters' UO app is generating good engagement with teenage shoppers

Launched towards the end of last year, the app attempts to strike the difficult balance between social media marketing, data collection and reward schemes for teenagers. Users can synchronise the app with their social media networks and receive reward points in exchange for name-checking Urban Outfitters on Instagram or Twitter. The rewards include gig tickets and exclusive preview access to new product ranges.

To keep the conversation going and to prompt dialogue and interaction the app sets a series of ‘Get Some’ challenges that can be tailored to each user’s preferences based on their activity within the app. All this provides Urban Outfitters with a wealth of data letting them develop a more detailed understanding of their customer base without appearing pushy and alienating a potentially flighty teen audience.

The UO app is a clever means of making the Urban Outfitters brand a more integral part of their customers’ lifestyles. With over 800,000 Twitter followers the brand has already successfully established itself in this space. And it helps convert this digital strength into an in-store sales advantage too, with Urban ID. This app barcode lets customers effortlessly check in for more rewards. 

Consumer insight:

Most customers – and especially teenagers – want to engage on their terms, not the company’s. Knowing the value of both their data and their interaction, they also need a clear incentive as well.

Brand take-away:

Urban Outfitters’ aim is for customers to interact with them as they would their friends. This means no hard-sell and a focus on shared benefits.

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