In an exclusive poll for Retail Week, ICM Research interviewed a random selection of 2,045 adults aged 18 and over between April 9 and 11, 2010 about retailers’ ethical processes.

How would you rate Asda stores as a place to shop nowadays, compared with a year ago?
Much betterBar Chart Line14%
A little betterBar Chart Line22%
About the sameBar Chart Line57%
A little worseBar Chart Line6%
Much worseBar Chart Line1%
Almost half of all respondents (46%) would be more likely to shop at Asda if it offered a loyalty scheme. A similar number (49%) don’t think it would make a difference. By age, 25- to 34-year-olds appear to be the most interested, with 62% giving a ‘likely’ rating. Only 28% of older respondents (over-65s) said a loyalty scheme would make a difference.

If Asda had a loyalty card, would it make you more, or less, likely to shop there?
Much more likelyBar Chart Line21%
A little more likelyBar Chart Line25%
No differenceBar Chart Line49%
A little less likelyBar Chart Line0%
Much less likelyBar Chart Line1%
Don’t knowBar Chart Line4%
One in three people (32%) say they are unlikely to buy products other than food from Asda, with a further 37% being neither likely nor unlikely. Females are more likely than males (34% compared with 23%) to buy non-food items from Asda and C2DE respondents are more likely than ABC1 ones (34% compared with 24%). More than half of people who do their main grocery shopping at Asda say they are also likely to buy other products at Asda (55%).

When buying food for treats or other special occasions, how do you think Asda compares with other supermarkets?
Much betterBar Chart Line8%
A little betterBar Chart Line22%
About the sameBar Chart Line50%
A little worseBar Chart Line16%
Much worseBar Chart Line5%
Half the respondents (50%) consider Asda to be about the same as other supermarkets when it comes to buying food for treats or special occasions. Almost a third (30%) think Asda is better than competitors, with 37% of 18- to 24-year-olds making this claim. One in five (21%) think Asda is worse than other supermarkets for these occasions.


Methodology: ICM Research interviewed a random selection of 2,053 adults aged 18 and over between May 14 and 16, 2010. Interviews were conducted online and the results have been weighted to be nationally representative of the profile of all adults

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