The retail sector is transforming at a phenomenal pace, creating both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Retail Week is evolving to help you lead your business through this transformation.

The industry has never been more dynamic. As champions of retail, we have always strived to make sense of the changes happening in the sector to inform and help leaders make better decisions and build strong businesses.

We believe it is our duty to transform just as much as the sector we serve, and so last year we undertook an extensive customer feedback review to ensure that our direction best served your needs.

The review outlined a clear need for more in-depth analysis and intelligence around the digital revolution, and how digital transformation is affecting the retail landscape.

You no longer only need the news, you need actionable benchmarking data and intelligence to help you make better decisions. You need informed content on how the digital revolution is affecting your business, and advice on what you need to do.

Therefore, our mission is to strive to help you, as retail leaders, identify what you need to do to win in the digital economy, and we will deliver this content to you every day.

As a result, the Retail Week team is changing its focus, with:

  • A clear focus on the digital transformation of retail, to keep you connected with the industry
  • Actionable intelligence, with success case studies and inspiration, so you’ll make key decisions with confidence
  • Adding even more value to your subscription with fresh new benchmarking tools to keep you one step ahead of your competitors
  • The right content at the right time – customise your content, alerts and newsletters to suit your lifestyle and interests

Of course, we will continue to provide our unique perspective that you’ve grown to trust, along with comment and opinion from the senior leaders that you want to hear from.

Being at the heart of the industry for 30 years means we are in a privileged position, and we hope you agree that we work hard to deliver you the right expertise.

We welcome your continued feedback, so please do get in touch below. Or alternatively, if you require any further information contact us on +44(0)203 873 2847 or email