Retail Week terms of business

Print Services Module

Where, as part of a Contract, we provide Services or Deliverables in the form of print publications, as noted on the relevant Order Form, the following additional terms will apply to the Contract.

You must provide postal addresses for delivery of print publications and you must notify us of any change of address. We will deliver print publications to the address(es) provided by you when you register. If print publications are lost in transit, our only liability to you is to replace the missing publications.

You accept that we may change the frequency of print publications or elect to deliver Services or Deliverables in a digital format only, on a temporary or permanent basis, at our sole discretion.

You may display print publications at your premises for consumption by your personnel, customers and guests.

Our respective rights and obligations in respect of print publications will be the those set out in the Digital Services Module, to the extent applicable and appropriate. In the event of inconsistency between the Digital Services Module and this Print Services Module, the latter will take precedence.