Retail news round-up on July 16, 2014: Tesco introduces screen technology, Charge for bags may be increased, NFU slams Tesco.

Tesco introduces digital screen technology to push promotions

Tesco has unveiled a digital screen outside its Express outlet in Lincoln, with a view to push its own ranges and engage with the local community. A 3.7m wide by 2.3m high external video wall has been placed outside the entrance and will be used to advertise a range of in-store and chain-wide offers. Essential Retail understands that, in the future, Tesco is considering incorporating relevant social media conversations on the screen and use the technology to promote locally relevant news and updates.

Compulsory charge for plastic bags may be increased in Wales

The mandatory 5p charge for plastic carrier bags might have to be hiked after official figures showed that it was losing its impact in Wales, where the usage has started to rise once again, The Times reported. The total number of shopping bags issued in Wales rose by 18% year on year to 73m last year.

However, a Welsh government spokeswoman said yesterday that an increase in the charge would be considered in an independent review of the policy beginning later this month. The review will also look at whether to impose a higher charge on the stronger ‘bags for life’.

NFU slams Tesco for promoting New Zealand lamb

National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has criticised Tesco for promoting New Zealand lamb at the height of the British season for the meat, in spite of its vows to support local producers, The Guardian reported. NFU president Meurig Raymond said that he was disappointed and angry that the retailer was promoting imported meat just 18 months after promising farmers it would source more red meat closer to home in the wake of the horsemeat scandal.