Retail news round-up on July 24, 2014: Aldi launches equestrian clothing range, grocers launch inquiries into ‘contaminated’ poultry and supermarkets mislead cutomers with ‘fake’ discounts.

Aldi launches collection of equestrian clothing for middle classes

Discounter Aldi has released a cut-price equestrian clothing range in a further move to tap into a more upmarket clientele in the UK, the Telegraph reported.

Yard boots and jodhpurs are available at the retailer for £12.99 each, while polo shirts are available from £8.99. 

Grocers launch inquiries into claims of contaminated poultry

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer have launched emergency probes into claims that contaminated poultry is being sold on the UK high street, the Daily Mail reported.

Consumers are allegedly being put at risk by two of the largest UK poultry processors - 2 Sisters Food Group and Faccenda. The allegations are refuted by the firms, while the supermarkets all insist their own audit systems make sure that the meat reaching the high street is safe.

Supermarkets mislead consumers with ‘fake’ discounts on products

A Which? investigation has accused supermarket chains of misleading shoppers with their ‘special offers’, the Telegraph reported.

Grocery retailers Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco have been found to discount items and leave them at a lower price for a far longer period than they were at the original price.