Entertainment retailer HMV will next week move a step closer to the launch of its social networking web site, Getcloser.com.

The site, which HMV describes as “social discovery”, will act as a user-driven community for discussing and recommending music and film. The retailer has been testing the site for six months and on July 1 will move the trial to “open beta” status – the online equivalent of a soft launch – before its full launch in autumn.

The site will let users import music and film files to create their own library. They will be connected to other users via the artists, genres or films they have in common. Over time, it will include content created and uploaded by users.

HMV e-commerce director Gideon Lask said: “Today, customers come into our stores, hopefully buy something they love, then leave – that’s it. With Getcloser.com, our relationship continues.”