Boots has launched its European website as it aims to take sales from British Boots fans who are living overseas.

The health and beauty retailer opened its transactional website yesterday, selling a range of products aimed specifically at Brits overseas. The website is in English and it uses sterling as its currency.

A Boots international spokeswoman said: “Insight tells us that many of the customers visiting (its British website) are ordering for friends and family and having the products shipped abroad.

“We understand that our much-loved Boots products remain popular with the British public, no matter where they reside.”

Boots said it has no plans to translate the website into different languages for non-English-speaking customers. Boots already operates local language websites in most of the countries it has stores in, including Thailand, Norway, and The Netherlands.

The new site ships to 19 countries and is an extension of its website, which only ships to the UK.

Many retailers often simply extend the shipping locations from their UK sites, but Boots said it wanted to create a separate URL due to pharmacy regulatory restrictions outside of the UK. It added that delivery costs and lead times are also different as the orders will be fulfilled from its warehouse in Burton-upon-Trent.