World Cup memorabilia is being flogged at discount prices after England failed to make it through to the next round of the tournament.

Prices were being slashed by 70% even before England’s final match yesterday.

Sainsbury’s had put all its England memorabilia, including napkins, teddies and wristbands, in the bargain basement bin by the time the game with Costa Rica had kicked off last night, The Daily Star reported.

Grocers across the board are expected to lose out on food and drink sales as England fans’ interest in the World Cup wanes, and sports retailers will also take a hit.

Earlier this month, before the World Cup began, Tom Knight, boss of Matalan’s sports fascia Sporting Pro, told Retail Week: “It’s important that [England] don’t lose the first game, which is seen as the most difficult. It’s the difference between sales and selling products at markdown.”