A think tank boss close to Conservative leader David Cameron has mounted an astonishing attack on supermarkets and called for restrictions on how they operate.

Philip Blond made his comments as Cameron launched Blond’s think tank, ResPublica.

Blond said the four top grocers – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – are too dominant.

The Daily Mail reported that Blond urged Cameron to “create new models” for supermarkets because “74% of our food retail market is controlled by the big four”.

Among the ideas he proposed were an obligation on grocers to set aside store space for local produce and the right of local communities to veto new superstores.

He said: “Supermarkets could operate differently and create local markets. In the name of freedom we have produced economic concentration and in a number of areas monopoly dominance or indeed something very like it.” Blond also suggested that grocers should pay higher rates for their car parks.

Cameron said he does not agree with all Blond’s views but that his think tank is “making some important contributions to thinking in Britain.”