Supermarkets are the go-to stores for shoppers in search of Halloween treats and costumes. What have they got on offer this year?

Halloween is fast approaching and the scary festivities look likely to be a significant sales opportunity for retailers.

Mintel’s retail analyst Nick Carroll says: “The Halloween period is particularly important for the major grocery retailers as we found that 92% of those who purchase goods for Halloween in 2014 did so from a supermarket retailer.”

The annual celebration of all things spooky is becoming increasingly popular among 16-24 year-old shoppers, with Mintel’s research finding that 67% of shoppers in this age bracket purchased Halloween goods last year.

“The Halloween period is particularly important for the major grocery retailers as 92% of those who purchase goods for Halloween in 2014 did so from a supermarket retailer”

Nick Carroll, Mintel

“Retailers, and in particular major grocery retailers, are reacting to this demand by broadening their range of Halloween goods to accommodate products both for children and younger adults” says Caroll.

As the spooky celebration becomes an increasingly significant retail event, what are the big four grocers doing to cash in on Halloween’s growing popularity?


Asda is one of the most popular retailers for Halloween-related purchases, with Conlumino reporting that 17.3% of shoppers bought their costumes from the supermarket last year. Hoping to continue the trend this year Asda has expanded its product range to include a wider variety of costumes, as well as novelty decorative items such as skull-shaped candles and glitter pumpkin decorations.

The grocer has also released a virtual reality Halloween video on its Youtube channel which follows four trick-or-treating children as they explore a haunted house. The 360-degree video can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile. When watched on a mobile device the video also includes TrueView shoppable cards, Google-owned technology that provides product information and click-to-buy options on Asda products featured in the video.


Tesco was the go-to retailer for Halloween treats last year, with Conlumino research finding that 25% of shoppers bought their Halloween food products from the grocer in 2014. Tesco stores have incorporated food into their Halloween-themed displays this year and the retailer’s Chepstow store is displaying watermelon jack-o’-lanterns.

The supermarket giant has also created a Halloween-themed video where various shoppers are pranked by moving trolleys and ghoulish staff. The video shows Halloween-themed festivities taking place in Tesco’s ‘spookermarket’ and has over a million views on the retailer’s Youtube channel.


Sainsbury’s has expanded the costume offer in its Tu clothing range with costumes for all the family as well as a skeleton-patterned dog costume. The supermarket is offering a variety of classic children’s costumes and has also created step-by-step face paint tutorials to complete the looks, all of which are available on the retailer’s website.


Pumpkin-carving is a classic Halloween pastime and this year Morrisons have put a twist on the tradition. After conducting an online poll on Britain’s scariest celebrity faces, the grocer partnered with food artist Jamie Wardley and carved five novelty pumpkins in resemblance of the five scariest celebrities.

The Halloween homages include Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey and are designed “to provide inspiration to anyone looking to opt for a twist on the traditional pumpkin face”, according to the retailer.