Morrisons chief executive David Potts has strongly hinted that the grocer’s Match & More loyalty scheme will be dropped.

He said that the venture has proved popular with some shoppers but others do not understand it.

The scheme, launched last October and designed to be a weapon against Aldi and Lidl by matching them on price, is under “careful review” at the moment.

Although no final decision has been made, Potts indicated that he sees serious flaws with Match & More.

When it launched, the complexity of the scheme was questioned by some industry observers.

Rival Lidl even publicly mocked it by running an ad campaign highlighting the hurdles shoppers would have to jump to take advantage of savings.

Potts said: “I was brought up to think that if you have to ask the customer to do the maths you may have done the wrong thing.”

Restoring traditional strengths

He maintained that the turnaround of Morrisons would depend upon restoring the grocer’s traditional strengths rather than marketing initiatives.

He said: “Customers say our identity has become a bit blurred. They very clearly think it’s about good quality good and great value prices, wrapped up in great service.

“That’s a really clear guide as the company seeks to develop the brand. Bringing it to life in the shops every day is what’s important.”

Since taking up his role, Potts has visited 200 shops and listened to shoppers and staff members’ views of the business.

He said: “There’s tremendous affection for the Morrisons brand, albeit that affection has been tested. I’ve described a practical plan to rebuild the company but it will be a long, challenging journey.”