Asda has revealed discounts across a range of favourite festive vegetables in the run-up to Christmas.



Asda is reducing some prices by 57%

From today, the grocer will cut the price of its most popular festive vegetables by up to 57%, charging just 20p for 360g of broccoli, 500g of sprouts and parsnips and 1kg of carrots.

Asda estimates that its customers will save around £2.2m on their seasonal vegetables. The grocer has ploughed £22.5m into improving the quality of own-label products.

Chief merchandising officer Andrew Moore said: “There’s been lots of talk about food inflation this year but Asda customers can be confident that their festive feast will deliver on value as well as taste this Christmas.

“This is a major price investment into our best-ever 2016 Christmas range. It also shows how seriously we take our commitment to bringing market-leading, quality food at famously low prices to our customers.”

Asda has had a tough time of late, reporting drastically falling sales in recent quarters. This festive season will see the grocery players continue to fight it out in an attempt to woo shoppers into store.