Fashion retailer Gap has just opened a revamped store at Guildford in Surrey.

The two-floor store has been in the town for 13 years, but the new-look interior is only the second of its kind in the world - the first opened in Los Angeles, California, earlier this year.

Surrounding the entrance is a hi-gloss logo, with white on navy, while the windows carry the latest Sarah Jessica Parker ad campaign. In-store, most of the familiar Gap interior landmarks have been altered.

In place of the usual open-plan Gap footprint, mini-boutiques have been created, with walls extending from the perimeter to form alcoves.

On the ground floor is a Lady of the Manor department at the front, which, according to the store manager is producing about a third of the floor's sales turnover.

The departmentalised focus of the design is carried across the rest of the floor, with coloured panels being used to define merchandise. As on the men's floor, centre-floor equipment for the store has been imported from the US.

Upstairs, the men's denim department is backed with a red panel, and burgundy is used in other areas of the floor. The panels are intended to provide a flexible merchandising system for the shop and will be sprayed silver at the back end of the year for the retailer's 'holiday' promotion.

If the format is successful, a further five UK shops will be given the treatment ahead of any general roll out. The retailer is also converting its Gap Kids store, three doors along the high street, following the model revealed at Brent Cross in north London earlier this year.

Withey Contracts provided shopfitting services for the store, completing a fast-track fit-out in just five weeks.