Decline in line with the rest of the UK
Retail Sales in Central London suffered during May because of inconsistent weather, according to the London Retail Consortium (LRC). Sales dropped on a like-for-like basis by 0.5 per cent compared with last year.

According to the London Retail Sales Monitor, compiled by the LRC in conjunction with KPMG, the trend has undermined growth for the city in April and flat sales in March. So far this year, the average monthly gain is only 0.4 per cent, compared with 4.8 per cent in the same months last year.

LRC director Kevin Hawkins said: 'Unpredictable and cooler weather played a role in the decline, compared to the previous month, where dry, sunny weather brought shoppers onto the high street and boosted sales.'

The LRC said that big-ticket furniture, and sound and vision fared badly over the month, with food, health and beauty doing the best. During sunny periods, women's summer fashions reaped the benefits as did some luxury women's accessories lines. Menswear remained difficult, especially formal wear and suits.