Sainsbury’s has signed a deal with Rovi Corporation to provide a new digital video service for its microsite Sainsbury’s Entertainment.

The new service will offer video on demand and digital copies of major film and TV titles and is expected to launch later this year.

The move reinforces Sainsbury’s entertainment strategy, It acquired online entertainment company Global Media Vault last year, has launched a digital music download service Ltd and acquired e-book specialist Anobii earlier this year.

Powered by the Rovi Entertainment Store, the service will initially be available online at Sainsbury’s Entertainment and then expand to offer access through a range of internet enabled devices including smart TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones and game consoles.

Sainsbury’s group development director Luke Jensen said: “Rovi was a natural choice to collaborate with for the launch of Sainsbury’s Entertainment’s digital video service given the company’s market expertise, long-standing industry relationships, and proven technology.

“On demand streaming video is an exciting addition to our existing online offerings, and supports our customers as they progress from consuming content on physical disc to accessing their favourite entertainment on a range of devices, where and when they choose.”