Electronics retailer Maplin is preparing to launch its maiden TV ad campaign as part of a “strategic change” at the business to reach out to a wider customer base.

The campaign focuses around what it calls ‘Maplin Moments’, where the retailer can come to the rescue when people’s technical knowledge lets them down.

Maplin chief executive John Cleland said: “Our aim is to showcase the brand to a much wider audience, underpinning our role as Britain’s leading electronics specialist retailer. We’ve really invested in the brand with this campaign, combined with a new web platform and investment in our 215 stores throughout the UK.

“This strategy is designed to give more people a greater understanding and awareness of the brand and of our ‘Maplineers’ - the tech experts ready to help solve some of life’s little, but often frustrating, tech problems.”

The campaign will air for the first time on Sunday and run on 89 channels for the rest of the month.