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Commentary for week 16 2019

For the second year in a row, footfall in week 16 increased, with an annual rise of +3.0% and +3.2% from the previous week.

The uplift was a consequence of a combination of factors: the offset of Easter this year, with week 16 including Good Friday and Easter Saturday; the school holiday continuing in certain parts of the UK; and hot, sunny weather over the weekend.

All three destination types benefited, with the largest weekly uplift of +5.4% occurring on high streets, while the largest year-on-year rise of +5.5% was at retail parks. Footfall in shopping centres only rose marginally over the week, by +0.1%, and this was clearly due to the fact that consumers wanted to be outside enjoying the sun rather than visiting covered malls.

Increases in footfall were largely universal, with a drop over the year in just one geography (-1.1% in the East Midlands). The further good news is that the positive footfall performance occurred across all three destination types: retail parks and shopping centres both recorded a decline in only one geography, and in three geographies for high streets.

The standout result for high streets was a year-on-year rise in footfall of +8.6% in the South West, and in retail parks footfall rose by more than +9.0% in the East Midlands and the North and Yorkshire.

In shopping centres, rises in footfall across different geographies were more stable, peaking at +4.9% in the East and South West, but with increases of more than +3.0% in six of the 10 geographies

The Springboard footfall index covers more than 1 billion flows across the UK between high streets, shopping centres and retail parks. 

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