In an environment where 77% of consumers say they don’t have a relationship with a brand, how do retailers drive loyalty?

It is harder than ever for retailers to develop meaningful relationships with customers, who are becoming increasingly fickle when it comes to brand loyalty.

Consumers are now more unpredictable than ever – and are arguably more disengaged with brands in an ‘always-on’ world.

In the age of big data, retailers have at their fingertips a raft of customer information such as past purchases and browsing history. But should brands actually be tracking emotions to build more personal, long-lasting relationships?

‘Keeping up with the ever-changing consumer’, produced by Retail Week in association with Watson Marketing, investigates how consumer behaviour is fundamentally changing, revealing how brands can successfully connect with shoppers on a deeper level.

The report examines:

  • How can retailers identify consumers’ ‘emotional motivators’?
  • What is the solution to dealing with shrinking attention spans, low levels of trust and a lack of emotional investment from consumers?
  • What are the best ways to make personal connections in an age when one-to-one interactions are in decline?

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