Carphone Warehouse has declared the roll-out of an application to support its branch managers a success.

The web-based execution management system from Red Prairie allows the retailer's head office to communicate with store managers about tasks they need to complete. It also lets the store managers report on what they have achieved.

The system went live in September 2008, but its use will become more formalised this year. Carphone Warehouse business operations director Ashley Cook told Retail Week that the retailer has plans to channel all tasks that aren't part of managers' daily routines through the system so it has full visibility of their workloads.

He explained that store managers would be told they are not required to complete tasks that are communicated to them in other ways.

In addition, head office staff who create tasks for stores through the system can also see when they have been completed.

The retailer has branded the system as Customer First Companion in order to complement its Customer First branch manager training programme.

Cook said that the system's deployment is part of a much bigger strategic programme the company is running to enable it to do more for less in its stores.

Carphone has been pleased with the response the system has had from its stores. 230 branches gave voluntary feedback on Customer First Companion, with 93 per cent of the feedback positive and 65 per cent very positive.