Dunelm, a rare advertiser, is piloting a move away from price-led TV advertising that, if successful, will become its first nationwide campaign. But will this step change be a hit with shoppers?

Previous local TV ads have been short and focused solely on price, but Dunelm chief executive Nick Wharton describes this campaign, which features two ads, as more “inspirational and engaging”.

A mother’s voice-over tells a story of defining moments, such as her daughter “flying the nest” or moving to a larger home “for more family space”.

The MWO-created ads’ narratives are mostly told using stop-motion animation, for example a laundry basket filling up with towels as the concerned mother says to her daughter: “This is for the laundry you can bring home to me.”

Unusually for homewares, the ad does not feature any actors but, alongside the voice-over’s storytelling in light-hearted rhymes, a wide variety of Dunelm’s products are showcased.

Wharton says the campaign is designed to “communicate ourselves to a broad audience that our product offer is incredibly strong and the best value for money”.

The ads’ relatable narratives have broad appeal but, for those unfamiliar with the brand, an indication of price position would communicate one of Dunelm’s greatest qualities: value for money.

The last line “something for everyone and everything for someone” and new strapline “there’s no place like Dunelm” clearly reinforce the retailer’s belief in its appeal and its diverse range.

The campaign should leave shoppers locally, and perhaps nationwide, in no doubt as to how Dunelm can be there for their homewares needs.

Dunelm's new advert