There’s something of a ‘Cool Britannia’ vibe going on in fashion at the moment and shoppers around the world are desperate to snap up goods from Blighty.

Quintessential British brand Cath Kidston is benefitting from this and this week, as it embarks on an Asian and Middle East expansion drive, predicts that international sales will outstrip that of its home market in its current year.

It is not alone. Burberry, Asos, Topshop, Belstaff, Barbour – all of these are highly sought after overseas, in part, because of their British roots.

It is clear why UK retailers look beyond our little island for growth, especially in a flattish economy, and we clearly punch above our weight on a global scale.

British goods stand for quality and craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that some brands have played on this heritage to win fans overseas. Both Topshop and Marks & Spencer’s have a ‘Made in Britain’ range and New Look added “London” to its store fronts for its recent Chinese debut.

And why not? We have a wealth of design and creative talent here and should be proud of our pedigree. So why not dust off our metaphorical Union Jacks, pin them to our masts and woo international customers with our Britishness.