Iceland performs strongly

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury have all exceeded market growth rate and increased their share of the grocery market, according to the latest TNS Worldpanel grocery figures.

Market leader Tesco now has 31.7 per cent of the total grocery market, while Asda has 17 per cent and Sainsbury’s has 16 per cent. The report, for the 12 weeks to September 9, 2007, shows that supermarket sales are growing at 4 per cent a year.

Morrisons’ growth remains low - at 2 per cent - and it has a 10.8 per cent share of the grocery market, down from 11 per cent a year ago. Somerfield is also still suffering, posting a turnover decline of 7 per cent.

Iceland has shown solid growth of 8 per cent after its turnover suffered in 2004/05. Similarly, there is a strong growth for the hard discounters with their combined share rising from 5.3 per cent a year ago to 5.6 per cent. The effects of the Kwik Save collapse are still being felt.