Why Be Inspired exists

A balanced and diverse workforce is good for business, good for customers, for profitability and workplace culture.

Our mission is to give everyone - regardless of age, background, gender, race, sexual orientation or ability - the tools, inspiration, knowledge and connections needed to fulfil their career aspirations.

Together with our partners and ambassadors, we believe in being active participants in driving progressive change and equality in one of the UK’s most important sectors.

How Be Inspired achieves these aims
We will drive inclusivity and unlock ambition through practical learning and development-focused content across retail-week.com, our free to attend virtual workshops, mentoring events, steering groups and conferences.

On all of these channels, we bring together leaders in the sectors with aspiring retail professionals at all stages of their career. We pledge to break down barriers in retail and give people the practical skills they need to progress their careers, foster the right culture for a more balanced workforce, connect them with the leaders of today and help build the pipeline of the leaders of tomorrow.

This is the first year we have partnered with Retail Week’s No Limits campaign to raise awareness of, and reinvigorate a focus on, social mobility as a benefit to individuals, to our businesses and to society. Find out more here.

Upcoming events