8.30am-10.30am, October 16, 2019,  London 

Allyship: Recognising and using our privilege to help marginalised groups

Want to better support members of your team from marginalised groups, and unlock the power of diversity? Allyship is the answer.

Many of us hold positions of power and privilege throughout our career – often without realising it. We can use this power to become an ally; being a spokesperson and advocate for underrepresented people within the retail industry - primarily women, BAME, and LGBT+ communities.

Men can be allies for women, women can provide allyship to women of ethnicities and backgrounds different to their own and so on.

Support from allies and collaboration with underrepresented groups through diversity and inclusion initiatives has been proven to improve business productivity and career outcomes.

So how can you play your part as an ally? And, stepping back, how do you recognise your own privilege and the situations where you hold power?

Join us at this workshop, hosted by Retail Week and Google, where we’ll explore allyship, how it improves business outcomes, and the importance of intersectional collaboration within retail.

Hear from industry leaders and experts who will share:

  • Personal stories and insights on the benefits of allyship
  • How to confront your own prejudices and bias, even if it’s uncomfortable to do so.
  • How allyship improves company culture, and drives performance.