London Sock Company, Chief Executive Officer


Wijnberg is the chief executive of London Sock Company. He began his career consulting for Accenture, where he formed a strong belief in the power of teams, culture and diversity. He spent six years working with a wide variety of clients across different sectors before deciding he wanted to follow a different path and help lead the growth of a business.

Wijnberg started at London Sock Company when there were only three employees (himself and the founders). The business now has more than 20 employees and exciting international plans.

“Diversity is good business sense and creates good teams. To me, it means supporting everyone according to their needs and recognising their different talents, regardless of background. I think this is intimately tied up with what it is to be a good leader: you need to figure out people’s talents and how you can support them to get their very best work.

“I am really excited to be a Be Inspired ambassador. I think the programme highlights the lack of female representation in positions of power in retail, which is an issue we should all work to fix.”