Levi Strauss & Co, Vice President North Europe

On September the 1st 2020, Lucia Marcuzzo has been appointed Vice President North Europe.

Lucia knows Levi Strauss & Co. well and joined the company back in 2010 as VP Retail Europe, managing the Directly Operated stores, Ecommerce and Franchise network. Since March 2016, Lucia was VP Central Cluster and has been delivering great results across the German group and Benelux. In her new role, Lucia now expands her regional scope to include also UK and Nordics.


Lucia has built her entire career in retail. Prior to joining LS&Co., Lucia was Worldwide Head of Retail in Diesel Spa for more than 10 years, a premium leading fashion company, managing the Directly Operated Stores network. Lucia started her career in the retail sector in 1998, in Gruppo Coin, one of the leading Italian Department stores.

Lucia is passionate for retail because in her own words “It is a very people-intense industry, where success depends on teamwork and being able to influence, partner with and lead people at different levels in the organization.”

Lucia is strongly committed to further strengthen the Levi’s brand and continue to grow the business. Within LS&Co. Lucia has been actively driving the sustainability and diversity agenda in the region, developing several initiatives in the retail environment and promoting diversity in her teams.

Lucia graduated in Economics at the University of Cà Foscari in Venice, Italy, where she was born and raised. Lucia is living in Brussels - Belgium - with her family since 2010.