Dr Martens, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Geoffrey Williams Head shot

Geoffrey has had a diverse career journey, starting his working life in the entertainment industry, then moving into health care, transport and media. He has worked in human resources for several years and has experience in recruitment, talent management, learning and development, organisational design and diversity and inclusion.

Now global head of diversity, equity and inclusion at Dr Martens, he was the former global head of diversity and inclusion at Thomson Reuters. He has been featured in the Financial Times’ top 100 ethnic minority role models and DIMA’s 50 male advocates for equality in marketing and media.

Geoffrey was recently named on the Global Diversity List 2020, which celebrates the people who work tirelessly to ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the very heart of everything they do – a list that contains US vice-president Kamala Harris and New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ahern among others.

He is also co-founder of RockingUrTeens.com, a social enterprise that introduces young people to the real world of work and aims to connect teens to positive and vibrant futures.

Geoffrey is a renaissance man who tries his hand at many different things, but they all lead to people understanding how trust, collation and community lead to success.