Our ambassadors are integral to the Be Inspired programme. Thanks to their time, skills, support and direction, we are able to inspire and connect individuals at all stages of their career throughout the sector.

The role of an ambassador

  • Be an active voice in Be Inspired and demonstrate this commitment through any of our Be Inspired channels: steering groups, content, workshops and conferences
  • Ensure one member of your senior executive team is responsible and accountable for diversity and inclusion
  • Promote the aim and benefits of Be Inspired internally
  • Get buy-in from senior management on the diversity and inclusion agenda
  • Demonstrate tangible progress in making the workplace more inclusive
  • Actively identify a handful of individuals annually and put them forward for mentoring opportunities, either as part of the Be Inspired campaign or within your own organisation
  • Creating a culture that promotes work-life balance while nurturing career aspirations and diversity at all levels

Our newest ambassadors