BDO High Street Sales Tracker

Like-for-like sales figures for the week ending 22 May, 2011

Non-Fashion +0.3% up
Fashion -10.4% up
Homewares -7.7% down
Non-store +10% up


Nonfashion just reached positive territory assisted by some strong results across luxury and leisure. Elsewhere the picture was more mixed with demand subdued



Fashion experienced its worst results this year with the vast majority of stores reporting disappointing results


Against extremely tough comparisons homewares had a diffi cult week with demand lower in most categories. The main exception was across cookware and accessories

Non-store (mail order, online)

Below average growth across nonstore channels was achieved with relatively strong clothing sales offset by weak demand elsewhere


Data and commentary supplied by Don Williams, head of retail at BDO. To join or find out more about the index, please contact