BDO High Street Sales Tracker

Like-for-like sales figures for the week ending April 10, 2011

Non-Fashion -0.4% down
Fashion +2.4% up
Homewares -7.8% down
Non-store +61.8% up


After last week’s Mother’s Day spike non-fashion drifted back into negative territory. The start of the school holidays and the Easter build-up did not stimulate demand.


Although fashion was up on last year, performance levels continued to vary greatly between stores with no specific category trends.


Homewares had a rough week with most stores registering steep falls. Trade was adversely impacted by weak consumer confidence as regard to big-ticket purchases.

Non-store (mail order, online)

Non-store channels continued to witness very strong growth rates with sales comfortably higher in.


Data and commentary supplied by Don Williams, head of retail at BDO. To join or find out more about the index, please contact